Trusted by over 200 institutions in all 50 states!

The future of financial education is Zogo

Zogo's award-winning suite of gamified educational products will improve your community's financial literacy, enhance customer loyalty, and create a better user experience.

Trusted by financial institutions in all 50 states!

Mobile App

Financial education — on your phone!

Zogo's flagship product, a standalone mobile app, will educate your users in a way they love. Our gamified platform is complete with 800+ bite-sized modules on various topics in personal finance and an embedded rewards program that incentivizes your users to keep learning and earning.

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Zogo Integrations

Level up your customer loyalty

Exciting loyalty programs aren't just for retailers like Starbucks anymore! Your financial institution can get in on the fun too by integrating Zogo's educational content and innovative rewards program into your mobile banking experience. Our content and objectives can be customized so you can tailor the Zogo experience to drive action in your institution.

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Zogo Classroom

Reinventing financial education in schools

Gone are the days of boring PowerPoint presentations. Instead, our web-based product brings all the strengths of our mobile app into the classroom. Zogo's flexible curriculum, classroom management tools, and gamified design empower students and teachers alike to flourish in the world of financial education.

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What our partners say

Working with the Zogo team has been great – they took time to understand our business needs and the unique needs of our members. Our strong partnership from day one fueled a quick, successful launch of the app

- Patricia Selsky

I love Zogo because it helps people learn financial literacy in a fun, easy-to-understand way. It doesn't overwhelm the user with technical terms they won't understand, it empowers them to make smart financial decisions based on what they've learned, and the best part - they get rewarded for learning!

Zogo is the most unique, fun, and exciting thing going on in the credit union industry. Your entire community benefits when you help people increase financial literacy.